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Baked Goods, Delivered!




You do not need a special event to remind someone how sweet they are with a surprise delivery of brownies, cookies or cake. Whether it is a gesture to brighten up someone’s day, a birthday gift or even to treat a colleague who has been working hard, Ox Rabbit has a little something for everyone…

The delicious treats from Ox Rabbit will be sure to send your tastebuds into overload, with our wide range to choose from – packing a punch in flavour!

Ox Rabbit first gained widespread popularity thanks to their dreamy brownies. Once labelled WA’s best, it is hard to resist Ox Rabbit’s morish chocolatey delights, stuffed with classics including Tim Tam’s, Oreos and Cookie Dough.

From movie nights in with friends, to catering the dessert at your next family gathering, Ox Rabbit will become your go-to, no matter the occasion!

We can guarantee that their iconic Brownie Box, Ultimate and Rocky Road Brownie Slab or even the loaded and giant cookies (just to name a few) will become a HIT wherever you go.

If you want to gain brownie points with a coworker, boss, friend or family member, look no further than Ox Rabbit.