Brownie Boxes & Slabs By Ox Rabbit

If you want to gain brownie points with a coworker, boss, friend or family member, look no further than an Ox Rabbit Brownie Box (pun intended!).

Brownie Boxes are available for Same day delivery.

Brownie Slabs are not available for Same day delivery.

The Ox Rabbit Brownie Slab is Perfect for sharing, as a treat for the office, or family. The gift that makes everyone smile.

Wagon Wheel (14th June- 20th June)

Our Brownie of the week has been a popular addition to our OX RABBIT Brownie boxes each week. Each week will be an exclusive new flavoured slab with a limited availability of a week only! Be sure to treat your taste buds and order yours now before you miss out. 

Available in two sizes Small ($55.50) Big ($100)

Not available for same day delivery.